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Welcome to B Street Gym Entertainment!

Please tell us which activities interest you among the following short video clips. If you don't wish to vote, just click on "Skip to next video".

Yes, these activities are shown as infinite loops. No, most of us can't perform them forever.

I have only tested this code on a few browsers and mobile devices. Let me know if the videos don't work for you.


Old Men Trying to Move
Personal Fitness Mentoring is unique Personal Training In Brookline, MA

Photos of a few activities that you will eventually be able to perform.

A giant billboard in Allston. If Prudential Insurance Company is planning on people reaching the age of 150, why shouldn't you?!?

Eventually each photo will trigger a very short video.

B Street Gym is no-frills strength training for men over 50
. . . and men way over 50 . . . in Brookline, MA.

No machines. No dance floors. No spandex. Only free-weights, suspension systems, and other Heavy Stuff for the self-reliant man who wants to be as strong as an ox and as flexible as a gazelle . . . at 96.

You will learn RetroLift™ fitness . . .

Start with easier activities . . .

    Click on photo to change ( 1 of 8 )
 Progressive Functionality   Before . . . After  

. . . gradually build strength, balance, and coordination . . .

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 Progressive Functionality   Before . . . After  

. . . then challenge yourself with "Circus Tricks".

    Click on photo to change ( 1 of 8 )
 Progressive Functionality

. . . for a long rich active life.

As a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, I use current research and techniques of RetroLift™ fitness to teach you how to exercise safely, independently, and effectively using industry-approved standards.

Once or twice a week you learn in my fitness studio or in my fully-equipped home gym, both in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA. Then you practice in whatever home workout space you can put together.

That's it. Workout with me for 12 weeks or 12 years. Once or twice a week, once a month, or once a year. Workout independently and live forever.

No long-term financial commitment. Keep your retirement savings for the great-grandkids.

For more information, call 617-697-6861.

John VossCool
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA,
John Voss More information . . .

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